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Driving Is The Skill That We Teach!

Driving, just like other skill, is something that we are all capable of but you need to learn it properly. Confidence and the ability to react to hazards are just building blocks of being a good driver and they are all patiently thought by Andy Murray at his school of motoring. There are many resources available to help you with your training and the below information is just some of the data at your finger tips to aid your learning. There is no substitute to the skills you will learn in one-to-one training but the more information you surround yourself with – the better! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions – we are here to help – YOU!

This video is aimed at learner drivers and outlines the steps involved in getting ready for your driving test. It covers studying for and passing your driver theory test, getting your learner permit, Essential Driver Training (EDT) and ultimately, booking your driving test.

The video will highlight important considerations on your test day. For example, the learner driver must be accompanied to the test centre by a fully licensed driver, the documents that must be signed before the test, as well as a general overview of how the practical test will be conducted, including the pre-test technical and in-car checks.

The video will also cover what happens after the driving test, if a candidate passes or fails, and what the candidate should do next in both situations.

The video also shows what happens in your first EDT lesson as well as the preparation required beforehand. It outlines the purpose of the logbook and how it is used, what each of the 12 lessons will cover and how the learner driver uses self analysis to identify what needs to be practised between lessons.

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